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StadiArena Solution's exclusive Australian territory license agreement is with StadiArena Australia Pty Ltd (STA).

STA are the sole distributor and strategic partner for the marketing and implementation of StadiArena’s patented technology throughout Australia.

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STA’s Managing Director Richie Williams

STA’s Managing Director Richie Williams, is both enthusiastic and confident about StadiArena’s unique ability to integrate business, entertainment and community activities into one stadium facility, thereby maximising the capital investment afforded them.  “StadiArena enables the stadium to become an integral component of the community’s growth and most importantly ensures the building’s long-term sustainability.”

Rene Licata (left) & Richie Williams (centre) meeting with Liverpool FC  Legend, Craig Johnston

Rene Licata (left) & Richie Williams (centre) meeting with Liverpool FC  Legend, Craig Johnston (right) in the United States. Positive discussions  were conducted with Craig to review the development of Academies  within the Stadium Precinct to inspire and attract youth to work on  their technical ability. Craig’s DATA System was reviewed  enthusiastically as a process to benchmark youth development in Sport.  Further investigation is currently being undertaken.

Paul Fletcher, Ken Sharp and Rhie Williams

During StadiArena’s visit to Australia Paul Fletcher, Ken Sharp and Rhie Williams were pleased to meet with Ian Woods-Bradley ( ACT Government) and Steve Carter (e11even Consulting) to understand more about their aims & objectives as well as viewing the Canberra landscape from Black Mountain.

Pictured reviewing Canberra’s City To Lake Display

Pictured reviewing Canberra’s City To Lake Display are Ian Wood Bradley (ACT Government), Tim Xirakis (Elleven), Steve Carter (Elleven), Robert Kennedy, Richie Williams and Ken Sharp.

Pictured at a meeting with Liverpool City Council

Pictured at a meeting with Liverpool City Council are  (L to R) Ken Sharp, Councillor Peter Ristevski, Paul Fletcher, Deputy Mayor Mazhar Hadid, Richie Williams.

Subsequently ex-Middlesborough and Liverpool FC (UK) legend Craig Johnston has met with Mayor Ned Mannoun to discuss the ambitions of a multi-purpose stadium & academy. Strategies for the future to develop greater skill levels of young players that could represent their city in the A-League, as well as their country and beyond, through a tailor built facility have been held. Diversity of use of a stadia facility for the progressive and rapidly developing Region is highly important to give local people both a sports/entertainment outlet and a Regional identity reports Mayor Mannoun.

Supporting Richie as National Business Development Manager is Rene Licata.

Both Richie and Rene bring diverse experiences and specialist knowledge of Sport, Construction, Business Development and Executive Management together to develop turn-key solutions for Stadium Communities.

Their core responsibilities include;

Richie Williams

Richie Williams

Managing Director
  • Demographic Research
  • Community and Business analysis
  • Content opportunities
  • Sports Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Education integration
  • Commercial assessments
  • Corporate and Business Negotiations
  • Strategic analysis
  • Financial Management Business
  • Quality Control
  • Business Planning
Rene Licata

Rene Licata

New Business Development Executive
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Construction Design
  • Product Selection
  • Development approvals
  • Develop and achieve key milestones
  • Liaison with authorities
  • Liaising with Investors /Funders
  • Liaising with associated Construction
  • Professionals
  • Commercial assessments
  • Financial Management Projects
  • Contracts and leases
  • Joint Venture Structuring

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